MOTOSPEED CK 104 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

The Motospeed CK 104 keyboard is very popular in these days. Although its brand is not well-known, it has been sold much over the year. The reason behind it is that it is really cheap when comparing with other mechanical gaming keyboards. Especially it is used by gamers and coders not normal person since it has too loudly sounds. It has Cherry MX Blue Switches, in other words, the sound which the keyboard makes is very high and enjoyable.


Since it has different color modes, while using it, the gamers enjoy very much. You can easily set whichever color mode you want and play games or write codes. It also has modes for different games which are fps, cod, lol or raceā€¦ When you set one of these, the buttons which are used in that game are highlighted and easily seen.
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